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If your luggage does not arrive with the same flight as you or has been damaged during the flight, you must definitely submit a respective application to your airline at the client service of Kuressaare airport. The employee at the client service shall provide you with all necessary guidelines and contacts and shall help you to submit the respective documents to the airline.

Good to know!
In their rules airlines have specified the time during which the passenger must inform the airline about damaged or lost luggage. Complaints that are submitted later shall not be accepted. Detailed information is available at the website of your airline. (link to the table of airline)

In case you discover that your luggage or the content thereof is damaged or lost after leaving the airport, please inform the client service at the earliest convenience. The opening times of client services vary according to the flight schedules. 

Client service of Kuressaare Airport
phone +372 453 0313
e-mail: kuressaare.kassa[A]