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Regarding the size and weight of the travel luggage we recommend to ask for more detailed information from the airline or the handling agent. (link to the table of airline)

Information regarding the restriction and prohibitions for goods carried with the passengers is available at the website of Estonian Tax and Customs Board (

Good to know!
In case you travel with luggage, pay attention to the following recommendations:
Follow the weight restrictions set for the luggage, because exceeding the weight limit brings about paying additional fee for each additional kilogram; however, when exceeding the weight limit is inevitable, we suggest to examine also other options for sending the luggage (e.g. post)

• When travelling with a luggage of special size or with oversize luggage (e.g. golf equipment, bicycle, skiing equipment, surf board, baby carriage etc) ask your airline for the exact rules and rates of additional fees

• Remove film from your checked luggage and keep it in your hand luggage (the equipment for scanning the luggage used in some airports may damage the film)

• If possible, avoid fragile and valuable items, also money and documents, in your checked luggage; most of the airlines do not take responsibility for breaking or losing these items

• Always provide your luggage with a name and address tag and if possible, use special marking, which makes luggage easily recognizable for you