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All passengers who use international air transport are required to submit a valid identification document both when registering for a flight as well as when boarding the plane. Starting from 1 May 2006 the same rule applies also in case of domestic flights. When travelling to a destination not included in the Schengen judicial area the passenger is also required to pass through passport control.

Travel documents accepted on domestic flights:
- ID-card
- passport
- driver license (issued in Estonia)
- student identity card (issued in Estonia)
- scholar identity card (issued in Estonia)

Travel documents accepted on international flights:
- ID-card (within European Union)
- passport

When booking a flight we recommend to make sure that your travel documents are in compliance with the requirements required for entering the country of destination. It is possible that you need to apply for a visa for entering your country of destination or also to a country, in which you need to change the plane for a connecting flight. More detailed information is available at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (