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Flying may cause serious complications for some people, because it is accompanied by fear of flying. Here are some tips to fight the fear of flying.

• Flying is safe – the safest way of transport

• Find out everything concerning flying – information about the planes, their inside, sounds and movements; identify what you fear most about flying and find more detailed information about that aspect of flying 

• Take a rest and eat before the flight – body burns carbohydrates faster when under stress

• Arrive at the airport in time – when you are late to the airport, there is a risk of becoming even more stressed

• Ask for a seat near the front of the plane – there the plane is the most stable; in case you are afraid of heights, we recommend avoiding window seats

• Do not hide your fear of flying – in case you are afraid to tell the cabin crew that you are afraid of flying, then they do not know to provide you with additional support during the flight

• Try to relax – bring along a good book to the flight or listen to favourable music; pay attention to your breathing, breathe slowly and deeply

• Avoid alcohol – excessive amount of alcohol may increase the feeling of the absence of control

• Avoid coffee – large amount of caffeine stimulates the body, producing a reaction as if it contained a lot of adrenaline; we recommend to drink water during the flight