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When arriving to a country of destination from outside the European Union, please leave the airport through a red customs channel in case you are carrying:

• Goods with the value exceeding the established tax exempt limit, which is 175 EUR (starting from 1 December 2008 the tax exempt limit will be 430 euros); the goods with the value exceeding the tax exempt limit, shall be subject to customs duties, excise duties and VAT

• More than 40 cigarettes

• More than 250 g of hookah tobacco

• Alcoholic beverages of more than 1 litre of vodka, whisky and other beverages with alcohol content over 22%, or more than 2 litres of alcoholic beverages with alcohol content below 22%

• More than 4 litres of wine

• More than 5 packages of original medicine

• Goods requiring special permit or prohibited goods (weapons and ammunition, endangered animal and plant species – CITES permit required)

• Cash in the value of 10 000 euros or more

Detailed information is available at the website of Estonian Tax and Customs Board (
Phone +(372) 880 0814