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NB! Temporary additional flights on route Tallinn-Kuressaare-Tallinn are available from



Aerodrome data`s:


Only day-time VFR-flight operations are allowed to Ruhnu aerodrome.


Ruhnu aerodrome has reinforced grass-field with designations 13/31.

Grass-strip with dimension 600 m x 60 m has 12 000 square-metres of reinforced

runway area on it. Runway dimensions are: 600 m x 20 m, strength up to 7 tons (included).


Taxiway width is 8 metres, with surface: reinforced grass, strength up to 7 tons (included).

Aircraft parking-area surface is also reinforced grass and it has strength up to 7 tons (included). 


For more detailed aeronaviagtional information with charts about Ruhnu aerodrome, look from

Estonian Aeronavigational Information Publication.