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Recommendations for seaplane operator


1. Flight can be operated in accordance with VFR between sunrise and sunset (there are some local differences from SERA, look from EST AIP). Flight must also be in accordance with rules presented in COLREG 1972 convention.

NB! Before flight look at the Roomassaare harbour`s new depth plan.


2. Flight plan shall be submitted in accordance with „Procedures for the submission of a flight plan“ which can be found from Estonian Aeronautical Information Publication from ENR part. Also one should follow the suggestions from VFR-Information Guide, aerodrome Roomassaare.


3. Since the flight before landing/ after departure is entering into the Kuressaare FIZ, two-way
radio communication on the Kuressaare AFIS frequency shall be established
(REF: AIP EEKE AD-> Procedures for VFR flights within Kuressaare FIZ).

a) Kuressaare AFIS channel: 118.050;
b) Kuressaare AFIS call sign: Kuressaare Information;
c) Kuressaare airspace classification (FIZ): G, RMZ, FPL is mandatory.


Landing and departure of the seaplanes can be performed in safe distance from fairway of the Roomassaare
, at least 50 meters and farther from the aquatic-area of the harbour. During the landing and
departure, it is recommended to keep eastward of the fairways in Roomassaare area marked on
(nautical) navigational charts.


 Estonian Maritime Administration's web application Nutimeri can be useful for planning Your trip.


A) Before landing:
1) The operator of the seaplane shall be convinced, that there are no obstacles on the landing area;
2) Information of Your decision do commence landing or not, shall be transmitted to the Kuressaare AFIS.


B) After landing: actual time of landing shall be transmitted to the Kuressaare AFIS.


C) Before taxiing to the harbour two-way radio communication must be established on Roomassaare
harbour service frequency, whichever will be given by Kuressaare AFIS. Taxiing and mooring shall be
performed in accordance with Navigation Acts.

Quays for seaplanes are nr. 9 and nr. 10 in Roomassaare marina harbour. The exact place of docking will be shown by harbour service or given via radiofrequency.


D) Before departure:
1) Information about estimated time of departure shall be transmitted to the Kuressaare AFIS on
channel 118.055;
2) The operator of seaplane must be convinced, that there are no obstacles on the take-off area;
3) Departure acceptance shall be obtained from Kuressaare AFIS.


4. All the harbour fees shall be paid to Saarte Liinid Ltd. Terminal navigation fee shall be paid
to Kuressaare Airport.

NB! Outside of Kuressaare ATS/MET operating hours all maneuvers in the vicinity of EEKE AD shall be
reported on Kuressaare AFIS channel 118.055. All acts made with seaplane shall be reported to
the master of the Roomassaare harbour (See contacts from VFR-Information Guide, under Roomassaare).

With E and SE winds heavy seaways come up in the harbour water area.


Plan of quays in Roomassaare harbour.



Have a safe flight!