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From 01 JAN 2020 an operator shall not operate an aircraft in airspace where carriage of radio equipment is mandatory unless the aircraft radio equipment has the 8.33 kHz channel spacing capability.



Estonian eAIP, AIP amendments, NOTAM-s and more


NB! Movement reports/intentions information are demanded also in case you are operating on Ruhnu aerodrome movement area or in traffic circuit. Reports must be forwarded on Kuressaare AFIS channel 118.055 with phrase "Ruhnu radio" or "Ruhnu traffic".



1. Military- low level flying area created over Ruhnu island.
Area is under code-name SW and activation will be done through NOTAM- messages.
2. Temporary Danger area EED735 over Ruhnu island, FM SFC to 2400 FT AMSL, activation will be done
through NOTAM-messages.

Pre-flight briefing at Ruhnu aerodrome can be done inside of Ruhnu terminal-house, via internet. If needed, additional information can be obtained from Kuressaare ATS/MET by Tel: +372 45 30 315, or via phone from Tallinn ARO Tel: +372 625 8293.


Fuel and oil at Ruhnu aerodrome: NIL


Payments for EERU AD and GH fees can be done in cash (EUR) or by credit card. All the fees and charges can be found from here.


PS! Report (according to EU Regulation No 376/2014) about an occurrence or an incident which may affect a flight safety, can be submitted here. Report about an occurrence which may affect a safety, can be submitted here. Feedback about services, quality of them or suggestions, can be written down here.