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NB! Temporary additional flights on route Tallinn-Kuressaare-Tallinn are available from


From web-pages shown below, You can find Aeronavigational information and NOTAM-s about Ruhnu aerodrome.


Ruhnu airfield, AIP

NOTAM-s (From left menu choose: Flight Preparation->NOTAM PIB)


1. Take in note that over Ruhnu island there is a military- low level flying area created.
Area is under code-name SW and activation will be done through NOTAM- messages.
2. Temporary Danger area EED735 over Ruhnu island, FM SFC to 2400 FT AMSL, activation will be done
through NOTAM-messages.



PS! Report (according to EU Regulation No 376/2014) about an occurrence or an incident which may affect a flight safety, can be submitted here.

Report about an occurrence which may affect a safety, can be submitted here.

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