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From 01 JAN 2020 an operator shall not operate an aircraft in airspace where carriage of radio equipment is mandatory unless the aircraft radio equipment has the 8.33 kHz channel spacing capability.



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Since the flight before landing/ after departure is entering into the Kuressaare FIZ, two-way radio communication on the Kuressaare AFIS channel shall be established (REF: AIP EEKE AD-> Procedures for VFR flights within Kuressaare FIZ).

a) Kuressaare AFIS channel: 118.055;
b) Kuressaare AFIS call sign: Kuressaare Information;
c) Kuressaare airspace classification (FIZ): G, RMZ, FPL submitting before the flight is mandatory.


NB! In case Kuressaare ATS/MET is closed and you are planning do depart from/or arrive to EEKE:
-one must always report about planned intentions and movements on Kuressaare AFIS channel 118.055;
-observe traffic in the vicinity of the aerodrome and on it (there is also possibility do meet powered Paraglider activity, without radio communication);
-do not forget to close/or open your FPL ( information about DEP or ARR REP must be written down to FPL field nr. 18) as demanded.

Pre-flight briefing at Kuressaare aerodrome can be made in our self-briefing room, on the second floor of tower building. Room is equipped with internet-connected PC, with needed self-briefing manuals and passwords, also with aeronautical information about Kuressaare and Ruhnu aerodromes.




1. NAV WRNG 1: Danger areas North of Lake Karujärve (EED27) and on the Muhu (EED31) island, FM SFC to 2200 FT AMSL, activation will be done through NOTAM-messages. 
2. NAV WRNG 2: East-side of the EEKE FIZ there is a military- low level flying area. Area is under code-name SW and activation will be done through the NOTAM- messages.

3. NAV WRNG 3: Establishment of Restricted Area EER and Temporary Segregated Area EETSA above the Kuressaare FIZ. For additional information look at the EST AIP SUP parts.


Fuel at Kuressaare Aerodrome:
Fuel types: JET A1, Avgas 100 LL. Fuel is provided by company Helmcoil Ltd.
Payment for fuel can be made only in cash (EUR) or by credit card.
Oil: NIL


Payments for EEKE AD and GH fees can be done in cash (EUR) or by credit card. All the fees and charges can be found from here.  


PS! Report (according to EU Regulation No 376/2014) about an occurrence or an incident which may affect a flight safety, can be submitted here. Report about an occurrence which may affect a safety, can be submitted here. Other feedback about service level etc. can be forwarded here.