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EEKE AD AIP information:

From web-pages shown below, You can find Aeronavigational information about Kuressaare aerodrome,
also AIP AMDT and AIRAC AIP AMDT, Supplements and valid NOTAM-s.


Kuressaare airport, AIP

Kuressaare airport, AIP FM 20 JUN 2019

Kuressaare airport, AIP SUP 05/2019 Olerex Estonian Rallycross Championship on Kuressaare Aerodrome!

AIP Amendments



Since the flight before landing/ after departure is entering into the Kuressaare FIZ, two-way

radio communication on the Kuressaare AFIS frequency shall be established
(REF: AIP EEKE AD-> Procedures for VFR flights within Kuressaare FIZ).

a) Kuressaare AFIS frequency: 118,050 MHZ;
b) Kuressaare AFIS call sign: Kuressaare Information;
c) Kuressaare airspace classification (FIZ): G, RMZ, FPL ahead of the flight is mandatory.



MIL exercise BALTOPS 2019 above Saaremaa, from 12 JUN - 19 JUN 2019.


1. NAV WRNG 1: Danger areas North of Lake Karujärve (EED27) and on the Muhu (EED31) island,

FM SFC to 2200 FT AMSL, activation will be done through NOTAM-messages. 
2. NAV WRNG 2: Notice, that East-side of the EEKE FIZ there is a military- low level flying area. Area is
under code-name SW and activation will be done through the NOTAM- messages.

3. NAV WRNG 3: Establishment of Restricted Area EER and Temporary Segregated Area EETSA above the Kuressaare FIZ. For additional information look at the EST AIP SUP parts.

4. NAV WRNG 4: Seasonal bird-migration has started, look out for bird-traffic!


PS! Report (according to EU Regulation No 376/2014) about an occurrence or an incident which may affect a flight safety, can be submitted here.

Report about an occurrence which may affect a safety, can be submitted here.

Other feedback about service level etc. can be forwarded here