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NB! Temporary additional flights on route Tallinn-Kuressaare-Tallinn are available from

EEKE AD AIP information:

From web-pages shown below, You can find Aeronavigational information about Kuressaare aerodrome,
also AIP AMDT and AIRAC AIP AMDT, Supplements and valid NOTAM-s.


Kuressaare airport, AIP

Kuressaare airport,  AIP SUP 06/2019 Parachute Camp at Kuressaare Aerodrome

AIP Amendments



Since the flight before landing/ after departure is entering into the Kuressaare FIZ, two-way

radio communication on the Kuressaare AFIS frequency shall be established
(REF: AIP EEKE AD-> Procedures for VFR flights within Kuressaare FIZ).

a) Kuressaare AFIS frequency: 118,050 MHZ;
b) Kuressaare AFIS call sign: Kuressaare Information;
c) Kuressaare airspace classification (FIZ): G, RMZ, FPL ahead of the flight is mandatory.




1. NAV WRNG 1: Danger areas North of Lake Karujärve (EED27) and on the Muhu (EED31) island,

FM SFC to 2200 FT AMSL, activation will be done through NOTAM-messages. 
2. NAV WRNG 2: Notice, that East-side of the EEKE FIZ there is a military- low level flying area. Area is
under code-name SW and activation will be done through the NOTAM- messages.

3. NAV WRNG 3: Establishment of Restricted Area EER and Temporary Segregated Area EETSA above the Kuressaare FIZ. For additional information look at the EST AIP SUP parts.


PS! Report (according to EU Regulation No 376/2014) about an occurrence or an incident which may affect a flight safety, can be submitted here.

Report about an occurrence which may affect a safety, can be submitted here.

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