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You have reached the self-briefing page!


Information for arrival -aircraft crew:

1. For avoiding the problems and misunderstandings, be sure, that before departure to destination
aerodrome, You have acquaint yourself with destination AIP-information, AIP SUP- information
and valid NOTAM-s. All the aeronautical information about Kuressaare- and Ruhnu aerodrome can
be found from Estonian Aeronautical Information Publication. For NOTAM-messages look here
(choose: Flight Preparation->NOTAM PIB) or here. Do not forget do pay attention to
Custom requirements (these can be found from AIP GEN part). If You have something do declare
on the board, would be useful to mark it down on FPL field 18 with RMK/ Custom required.
You can obtain the aeronavigational information also from Kuressaare ATS/MET by
phone +372 45 30 315 or from Tallinn ARO by phone +372 625 8293.
For route calculations webpage SkyVector might be helpful.


NB! Flights to/at Finland: before submitting the FPL, please read the

Finavia Instructions for Completing the Flight Plan Form!


2. Meteorological data’s about Kuressaare aerodrome are available on WEATHER and from
here (METAR/ METAR AUTO with history). In addition to, would be useful to check the
information about Roomassaare station from automatic weather-system: Estonian Weather Service.

Station is situating about 2 KM South of EEKE AD, near to Roomassaare Harbour.


Estonian Aviation Meteorological Information is available from:


For obtaining the meteorological information about Ruhnu,
take also the Estonian Weather Service and history from Observation data.


Meteorological information in METAR- and TAF-code form and forecast-charts are available from:
Aviation meteorological information by Estonian Weather Service
Sweden LFV ARO
Finland Ilmailusää


Ruhnu aerodrome does not produce the METAR- and TAF-messages, since they are working only O/R.


Pictures from satellite and radar-info are available:
Estonian Weather Service → Remote sensing and Forecast charts
Latvia weather
Real Time Lightning Map / Lightning
• Wind forecast Windfinder / Windyty

Meteorological information can be obtained also from Kuressaare ATS/MET, by phone +372 45 30 315.


Information for departing-aircraft crew:

1. Pre-flight self-briefing at Kuressaare aerodrome can be made in our self-briefing room, on the second
floor of tower building. Room is equipped with internet-connected PC, with needed self-briefing manuals
and passwords, also with aeronavigational information about Kuressaare and Ruhnu aerodromes.
Pre-flight briefing at Ruhnu aerodrome can be done inside of Ruhnu terminal-house, via internet.
If needed, additional information can be obtained from Kuressaare ATS/MET by phone
+372 45 30 315, or via phone from Tallinn ARO +372 625 8293.


2. During the planning of flight and submitting the Flight Plan (FPL), be informed about local
demands and EU Flight-rules (NB! There are also some local differences from SERA), basic information about most needed things can be found from Aeronavigational Information Publication. Also one should read aeronavigational information about FPL route-countries and destination country/ aerodromes. Do not forget do pay attention to
Custom requirements (these can be found from AIP GEN part). If You have something do declare
on the board, would be useful to mark it down on FPL field 18 with RMK/ Custom required.


3. Payment for Kuressaare- and Ruhnu aerodrome fees and charges can be made only in cash
(EUR) or by credit card. Pricelist is available here.


Fuel at Kuressaare Aerodrome:
Fuel types: JET A1, Avgas 100 LL. Fuel is provided by company Helmcoil Ltd.
Oil: NIL
Payment for fuel can be made only in cash (EUR) or by credit card. 
Fuel at Ruhnu aerodrome: NIL


NB! In case Kuressaare ATS/MET is closed and You are planning do depart from/or arriving to EEKE:
•one must always report about planned intentions and movements on Kuressaare AFIS frequency 118,050 MHZ;
•observe traffic in the vicinity of the aerodrome and on it (there is possibility do meet powered
paragliders activity, without radio communication);
•Do not forget to close/or open Your FPL (information about DEP or ARR REP must be written down to
FPL field nr 18) as demanded.


Movement reports/intentions information are demanded also in case You are operating on Ruhnu aerodrome
movement area or in traffic circuit. Reports must be forwarded on Kuressaare AFIS frequency
118,050 MHZ with phrase "Ruhnu radio" or "Ruhnu traffic".


Have a safe flight!