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In the second half of 1930s the first Kuressaare runway was built.

On March 06, 1945 Kuressaare aerodrome was opened and a first regular flight between Kuressaare and Tallinn took place.

In PO-2 aircraft there were only two passenger seats. Also medicine and mail were carried by means of aircrafts. Fresh fish was delivered directly to Moscow.

Later regular flights were executed by an American aircraft SI-47. Only 4 people worked in the airport in those times. Former pilot Bojarshin was the chief of the airport.

In 1947-1949 three temporary buildings were additionally built. Aircraft LI –2 has started to execute flights. It was able to carry 21 passengers on board.

For the airport needs a meteorological service with 3 workers was created. Year by year the airport was getting more and more popular. In autumn-winter season, when sea ferries between Kuivastu-Virtsu were not available, all carriages were executed by aircrafts.

10-14 flights between Kuressaare and Tallinn per day were executed in 1949-1953. Approximately 400 passengers were brought per day.

In 1956-57 the airport started to use JAK – 12 with 4 seats and AN – 2 with 10 seats instead of old PO – 2 aircraft. IL – 14 started to fly to Tallinn, flights to Pärnu, Viljandi and Tartu were executed by AN – 2.

Until 1958 there was no electricity in the airport. There were candles and gasoline lights. Radio receivers were getting energy from special batteries and gasoline generators.

In autumn of 1958, besides launching of electricity in the airport, runway lights on one side of runway were set.

The personnel of airport consisted of 10 workers in those times. Also there were 4 meteorological specialists. New main building was founded this year. Service buildings and radio center were also built. All this was designed to provide more safety for our flights. Airport began to work 24hours, all-seasons.

In 1962 a nowadays-terminal building was ready, in 1966 an asphalt runway was completed.

In 1976 the main runway was lengthened from 200 m to 1300 m. Also an additional runway was built. Aircraft JAK – 40 began to execute flights.

In the times the runway was under reconstruction, an Aste airfield helped to provide services.

In 1976 the third floor of main terminal building was completed, which is now used as a tower.

On 1999 both runways were renovated and on the beginning of the summer 2000, the new traffic control tower was opened.

During the 2005-2007 were made one aviation security level improvement and two infrastructure development projects at Kuressaare aerodrome. Projects were in work with contribution of the European Regional Development Fund.In the frame of the project the hangar building enlarging for the maintenance technique finished at June 2006 and the passenger terminal and luggage handling area opened on 01. June 2007.